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12 Years Professional, Internationally Known Celebrity Featured Psychic!!!

Intuitive Empowerment Coach, Life Advisor, and Energy Exchange Practitioner who is heavy on assisting with the spiritual healing journey, by way of my Spiritual Rebirth Experience; a simple, yet powerful breathing & guided meditation exercise!!!  Come elevate with someone who has a wealth of life experiences, wisdom, & know-how, to help guide you from where you are, to where you want to be!  With assistance from a host of oracle & tarot cards, you'll be pleased that you selected me!  Come on, let's soar!

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What you can expect during your private time with me, is my undivided attention to your emotional, mental, & spiritual needs, be it listening to your concerns, without judgment, administering a new start, Spiritual Rebirth Experience breathing & guided meditation session, and/or providing you with guidance from my 50-plus decks of oracle and tarot cards.  I'm honest, straightforward, understanding, and above all things, totally engaged with the Divine Beings, to help bring you everything you may need on a mental, emotional, & spiritual level.  


11:30 a.m. -4:30 p.m. Central M-F

SUNDAYS:  In His Presence Sacred Gathering Circle  Services 10:30-Until

The schedule is subject to change


I am SpiritWhisperer, also known as Coach Red Hawk on various platforms for the past 12 years. I started my professional, spiritual work, online journey in 2011, and have worked on some of the longest-running sites on the internet, as a Spiritual Therapist and Advisor, as well as finding my way onto live television as a featured psychic. But, I would have to add that long before my online work, as a teenager, I noticed I had the gift of insight into things to come, through my night dreams, which I now know as visions or premonitions. After starting my spiritual work, my skills developed further, and I began using tarot & oracle cards to bring more details to my clients. Within a year, I was given what would become one of my most incredible offerings, my Spiritual Rebirth Experience, and thus became known as an Energy Exchange Practitioner, assisting my clients with relieving themselves of the energy associated with past and/or present trauma. That service, along with the whispers of guidance from my spiritual guides, makes for an outstanding new start to anyone’s life. I am also a talk show host for many years, online, with an emphasis on bringing topics of discussion to aid in empowering my viewers to make better decisions, moving forward.


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