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My name is Cecily. Nanacares is my avatar. In my room, I try to make my greetings relaxing, encouraging and inviting. It gives me a sense of preparedness and it is much easier to read in a stress free environment.
To understand me I need to relate my very first experience (abbrev). My first experience was with clairausience. I was in lunch lines going into class. Someone was calling me and I could not see who. I went looking and found a young girl in obvious distress. Her words still stay with me to this day. ‘I knew you would come, don’t leave me’ and she grabbed my hand.
I called to a teacher for help, and the ambulance came. Helen woud not release my hand ’til she was in the ambulance. When she did she said Before she left she said ‘I knew you would come, you are my best friend and I love you’. Helen passed away in the ambulance on the way to hospital 20 mins later. We were best friends and we were 8.
Since then, I have honed in on my skills and now I receive messages or images quickly. I give as much detail as possible when asked for an outcome to a direct question. However, these answers are kept short and require a tip.
I don’t deal in medical or financial matters because I am not qualified. In a reading I do not sugar coat or give out false hope.
My intuition is strong and I combine it with the use of Angel cards when working in my room. They are used to give messages in a video chat environment where clients can interact with each other as well as myself.
By using my intuition and life experiences I am able to give you some direction in how to answer your questions. While I am NOT the answer and cannot give you the answer to your questions, I can give you directions on how you can reach your best possble decisions.
Through years of experience I can help you work through most situations. Virtual dreams such as the recurring nightmare since the age of 10 played a major part in my early life. I was not allowed to discuss these dreams or any other ‘weird’ things I saw or heard. This particular dream revolved around prisoner torture in the war.
I have had and still have what I call virtual dreams – where the actual dream becomes reality.
Major events in my life(including one where I saved my husband) have shaped my spiritual lifestyle and development. Ask and I can share some of these stories.
I am an Intuitive Empath and intuition is the gateway to the soul. Using my intuition I can help you find clarity about many things including love, career, family, romance and so much more.
My claim to fame here is the support I have given to my 3 adult children, their families and friends. We all survived! lol.
I look forward to spending time helping yourself and others. However please don’t come to my room expecting free services. I don’t go to your place of work and expect the same.
I look forward to seeing you online today for Free Chat. My hours are usually about 8am – 10am, 4pm – 7pm and if lucky around 11pm Australian time.
Help is available to anyone who needs it. I am able to do Relationship Readings and Relationship Healing.
With the help of special Angel cards I can also do Medium and bring messages from Departed Loved Ones.
My goal is to provide answers and support during the process of releasing blockages and enabling you to move forward. NanaCares deeply about helping people and I am dedicated to do this as much as possible and invest my time doing so. At the beginning of each session I like to give out an inirational saying. This not only gives you thought but can serve as an icebreaker.

Join our team on social Media: I don’t profess to be an expert on these sites (far from it)! I do however try. Much better to come to my room.


read Spiritual Stories, thoughts and ideas at the journal of mindfulness

You can find me online here: FreeChatPsychics

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