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Commonly known as Cosmicdaz, but my real name is Darren. I am originally from the UK, but I decided to emigrate seven years ago now to Bulgaria. The number one thing you will find out about me is that we are on this earth for a reason. We are here to discover, we are here to learn, we are here to experience all emotions and challenges. 

We come from divine source energy, we are an extension of that energy in the physical sense. We are all attuned to each other, some of us are more attuned than others, which is why I believe my gifts are so special.  I have been able to read Tarot since a young age, as my mother taught me. After she passed away in 1989, I left the tarot for many years but found my gifts grew stronger. 

I found I was able to pick up on other people's emotions very easily whether in the room or on the phone, it's like electric. I can easily tap into the feelings of others and that helps me when it comes to reading the cards. 

I am also a qualified hypnotherapist, where I help people who are stuck in their career paths, find wisdom and help them get the job they love. I love to be able to offer this in Tarot readings too, to help you find the job you always wanted, be happy in your family and reach your goals you want to make in life. 

My next adventure, we are in the process of buying a van to convert to a camper, and travel all over europe, while I travel to many new places I will be online sharing where we are and offering readings to you, what will your adventure in life be? 





Travelling to new places, I love going to places which are rich in celtic history. Scotland and Ireland are two of my most favourite places. 

I have three dogs they are my life, I love to spend time with them. 




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